Now, when I stumbled upon this blog post by Brian Hoff telling businesses to value the work done by a website, I just had to re-blog. In it, he talks about how of how online businesses are flourishing and spending 100,000 USD on his own website. It's a great reality check about how a having a well designed website is the best marketing tool you can buy.

I’ll use my business as an example. If I were to put a price on my upcoming redesign of my company site [], I’d pay up to $100k for it. Seriously? Yep, dead serious. My website simplifies tasks which would normally need to be performed by a real person sitting behind a desk. This results in the hiring of more people – also takes time and time is money – paying them salaries, getting a larger office space. My website and blog does my marketing, so there’s one less person I’d need to hire. My website acts as a secretary and online forms help weed out and distribute new work. There’s another employee I don’t need. I’m getting more profitable as I type this, since this article will likely attract reactions.

Brian Hoff Dear Business, I'm scared for you

A professionaly designed website is a fundamental investment in today’s economy and as such, you would want a return on that investment. A good website works hard for your business and if you are going to spend money, it is better to spend a little more and have the investment worth it rather than spend less and throw the money away.

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