Designing Sustainable Relationships

Yes, there is a whole host of web design companies in Hong Kong, but there are none quite like us. Peak Digital is infused with the energy and passion that Hong Kong exudes. Never satisfied with the status quo, our pursuit is to push the envelope of everything we do beyond what was thought to be possible. We offer realistic yet competitive pricing and we strive to provide best possible solutions for your specific needs.

Peak Digital provides small and medium sized enterprises with the unique opportunity to work with experienced web professionals through a collaborative one-to-one relationship. Our aim is to make our relationship with you seamless and enjoyable whilst creating a true partnership — the sort of partnership that leads to success stories and long-term working relationships. Even more, it’s all done without the burden of big-shot agency bureaucracy and bloated egos.

Peak Digital is a company of experienced designers, front-end developers and visionaries coming together under one roof to bring the cutting-edge of web design and quality execution to support any business's online presence needs. We are the kind of people that get excited and cheer when we see that a client's webpage that we created has just jumped up a few spots in the search engines or when a client's social media campaign we masterminded goes viral. We believe in elegance through simplicity, that there is always more than one solution to a problem, and we take great pride in ensuring that our clients’ web sites are creating are not only easy to use but also fun to use. Yes, we admit it…we are geeks and a little obsessive about web development, design and social media…but that means our clients don’t have to be.

Six Things We Care About

We believe our strength is rooted in our core values. They guide our way of working and underpin everything we do.

Our Clients

Our client relationships are personalized, value-driven and long-term. Consistently providing highly acclaimed web design services and exceeding client expectations while being cost-effective has established us as a pacesetter amongst Hong Kong web agencies.

Measurable Results

We know that when it comes down to it, what really matters is your bottom line. Everything we do revolves around our understanding of what drives brand choice online and every one of our projects carries a set of measurable goals that reflect your ideals.

Web Standards

We are an advocate for web standards, responsive web design, semantic web, CSS3, HTML5, SEO, and open source. We stay on top of the latest web technology developments to bring you future proof websites designed to be accessible, reliable and give your visitors the optimal experience.

Meaningful Aesthetics

We value creativity that is focused, results oriented and serving a strategic purpose. By establishing a website’s aesthetic and creating a meaningful visual language, a website becomes more than just a random collection of pretty images and text that have been plucked out of thin air.


We understand the differences between functional design and aesthetic design but, what’s more important, we know how to make them work together. We think about who and what we’re designing for and ask ourselves why we’re applying a certain kind of aesthetic style to a web design.

Project Execution

What makes Peak Digital the most unique web agency in Hong Kong is the fact we offer a detailed, tailored service to every single client, from inception to delivery. We aim to delight users and clients in startlingly inventive ways—always with a personal touch.

Our Process

We have developed an innovative five-stage design process that saves you time and money and delivers a final solution to be proud of. Every project at Peak Digital, no matter how small or large, goes through it.

We ask lots of questions, learn about your industry, and figure out what you’re after. The goal of this phase is to gain a deep and intuitive sense of your goals, competitors, and business plan. We then take what we learned in the Discovery phase and transform it into an actionable plan. We also define the budget, timeline, technology, and deliverables (such as briefs, sitemaps, and content outlines) needed to complete the work.

Strategic plan in hand, we move to the drawing table — this is where the design and concept begin to take shape. We keep sifting and refining our ideas until we’ve found the best possible solution.

Now that we have our vision and solution nailed down, we can start executing. In this phase, all the pieces fall into place.

We put the spit-shine on our work with user testing, quality assurance, and reviews. When we’re sure all development is complete, we deploy the project in a live production environment.

Once the project is launched, we establish a roadmap for constant improvement and future enhancements. We discover the true results of our work as we monitor the project’s growth over time.

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